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Our team of accomplished directors, who already own several successful registered care homes in East and West Sussex, are looking forward to offering their considerable knowledge and expertise in this new venture.

Tony Kearns is a graduate RMN. As a clinical nurse specialist in substance misuse he was involved in the commissioning of a successful community drug team. In 1989 he opened the first of several homes for adults with mental health problems. He continues to lecture and has a particular interest in the care of clients with a dual diagnosis of substance misuse and mental health problem.

Robert Rawat is a nurse tutor who practised at a local psychiatric hospital. He has experience of both acute and rehabilitative psychiatry. Involved in the management and setting up of four care homes in Hove. He is a qualified counsellor with a particular interest in psychodynamic and transcultural issues in mental health.

Henry Kearns is a registered nurse (RMN) with many years experience in rehabilitative psychiatry. He is a successful care homeowner and manager.

Shirin Rawat is an RMN with comprehensive experience of nursing in all aspects of psychiatric care. She is a successful care homeowner and manager.

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